The Aeres Applied Sciences University (UAS), Venue site at Wageningen, The Netherlands

The educational faculty and teacher education in Wageningen belongs to the Aeres Group, a green knowledge center that focuses on education, research and various commercial activities. A group including (pre)secondary VET, VET and Higher Education until Master level. The roots lie in tertiary agricultural education. We focus on education and research, and on the sharing and applying of knowledge. This is our contribution to the development of future-oriented, innovative professionals. Professionals who are capable of making responsible.

We welcome you at the Wageningen Faculty campus 

Mansholtlaan 18, 6708PA Wageningen, The Netherlands.

COVID information

All covid measures by the government have expired: 


Hotel accommodation directly in town is limited, so book early:
• De Wagenings Berg
• Hotel de Wereld (historical place were the end of 2de World war capitulation was signed)  
• Hotel de Nieuwe Wereld (VET-Education Training Hotel) – Because of summer holidays we are trying to arrange with the school aovernight stays in 4-star 17 gorgeous rooms


  • Many air compagnies have flights to Amsterdam airport
  • From Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol airport) four trains an hour brings to Ede-Wageningen train station ( +/- 1 hour) . From there taxis and busses drive your to your location in Wageningen (20-30 minutes) 
  • Train and public traveling : 
  • The best way to travel by public transportation is to buy a so called OV-card, on which you can charge money to travel by all the public transports throughout the Netherlands. Just by checking in and out on the platforms or when entering a train station, in the busses. More options see products menu at 
  • UAS Wageningen to Wageningen bus station (beginning of the center) but close to Hotel de Wereld and WICC hotel) 16-22 minutes (including 5 min walks) every 15 minutes.
  • For sportive people, take a bike to move yourself in Wageningen.  

The (small) university city of Wageningen

Wageningen is a city situated along the river Rijn and  is known for the present university, part of the WUR (Wageningen University & Research Centre) and Aeres UAS. It is also a city of liberation. The area that is now Wageningen has been inhabited since the early Stone Age. In 1263 Wageningen received city rights.