Thanks to all the participants and to all the people who made this conference possible…

KBSI2018 Committee:
Carl Bereiter, Renato Carvalho, Stacy Costa, Frank de Jong, Robert Huang, Ahmad Khanlari, Therese Laferriere, Susana La Rosa, Leanne Ma, Richard Reeve, Monica Resendes, Marlene Scardamalia (Chair), Joel Wiebe, Ying-Tien Wu, Gaoxia Zhu, Brian Zijlstra

KBSI2018 Design Experiment:
The teachers: Patricia Berrones, Lori Belford, Patricia Flores, Emily Horner, Darlene Martin, Suzana Millnovich, & Pieter Toth.

The students from San Francisco Javier School, San Luis de Potosí, Mexico; St. Michel, Quebec, Canada; Lok Sin Tong Wong Chung Ming Secondary School, Hong Kong; St. Anne’s Elementary School & Dundas Valley Secondary School, Ontario, Canada.

Thanks to Ann Russell and her team for welcoming the Design Experiment group to The Michener Institute of Education at UHN.

A special thanks to our colleagues, who assisted us with the review process:
Alisa Acosta, Kate Bielaczyc, Maria Bogouslavsky, Renato Carvalho, Donatella Cesareni, Bodong Chen, Stacy Costa, Frank de Jong, Joseph Gallifa, Huang-Yao Hong, Robert Huang, Ahmad Khanlari, Derya Kici, Pei-Yi Lin, Francesc Martinez, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Sandy McAuley, Cesar Nunes, Jun Oshima, Ritsuko Oshima, Hyejin Park, Don Philip, Joanna Qi, Monica Resendes, Giuseppe Ritella, Hai-Peng Wan, Li-Jen Wang, Joel Wiebe, Guangji Yuan, Anna Zhou, Gaoxia Zhu

Conference Organizers:
Knowledge Building International (KBI)
Institute for Knowledge Building Innovation and Technology (IKIT)