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Who should join and why

KBI is a membership-based association of educators working across sectors and across borders to extend the realm of the possible in education. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in Knowledge Building in education or more generally in knowledge creation for public good. Membership is especially urged for educators, researchers, technology developers, and policy-makers who want to help turn 21st-century education into education for innovation and knowledge building. Through partnerships we will advance Knowledge Building theory, practices and technology to meet our shared goals and to secure grants and sponsorships.

The Benefits of KBI Membership

You will be connecting with and contributing to an international team of educators— researchers, practitioners, engineers, administrators, and policy makers. In addition to networking you will have a part in demonstrating that students are capable of much more than current developmental models and educational environments allow them to demonstrate.

  • Invitation to become an active participant in the Knowledge Building Innovation Network for continuing involvement in new developments in Knowledge Building theory, pedagogy, technology, and impact.
  • A voice and vote in shaping KBI goals, strategies, and management; thus to a large extent members have the future of Knowledge Building in their hands.
  • You have to be a KBI member to get the access key to Knowledge Forum KBSI2023 in order to be able to submit a contribution.

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