Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation

Knowledge is a public good, the coin of a knowledge society, and a free, plentiful, potentially equalizing resource in society. Yet capacity to work with ideas remains underdeveloped, with gaps between knowledge rich and knowledge poor. Much of education continues to work outside cultural norms prevalent in innovative, knowledge-creating organizations of all sorts. Those norms include collective responsibility for community, not simply personal knowledge; sustained idea improvement; a “surpassing ourselves” mindset; and students taking charge at high levels–levels customarily reserved for teachers and curriculum and technology designers. KBSI2019 will function as a workshop on three continents, with teachers, students, administrators, researchers, policy makers, and computer scientists worldwide working together to explore and design ways to use digital media and innovative knowledge practices in global, connected hubs of innovation attuned to a vision of engagement with knowledge as a public good.

To take advantage of the geographical spread of this year’s Knowledge Building Summer Institute, the programs will feature initiatives and innovations arising in the regions of the four meetings— Asia (Beijing, China; Hiroshima, Japan & Singapore), North America (Toronto, Canada) and Europe (Lyon, France).  Members from other regions are encouraged to submit presentations in keeping with the “Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation” theme, to be included in one or more of the programs. At these meetings we will plan joint projects and co-design next-generation Knowledge Building technology.

Who Should Join Summer Institute Virtual Events and Meetings?​

Individuals: Teachers, students, administrators, researchers, policy makers and computer scientists worldwide who want to become better acquainted with knowledge building concepts and approaches and advance their work in light of “Knowledge Building Practices and Technology for Global Hubs of Innovation” and models of an inclusive knowledge society.

Organizations: Schools, ministries of education, universities, community organizations, businesses, health care organizations, etc. interested in introducing knowledge building into their organizations and establishing state-of-the-art approaches to knowledge creation.

Important dates

January 15, 2019: Registration and Submission system will be open.

February 8, 2019: Proposal submission deadline for events in Asia.

February 15, 2019: Proposal submission deadline for event in Toronto.

March 11-19, 2019: Events in Asia. (General Time Frame; Dates Not Final)

April 5-9, 2019: Event in Toronto (General Time Frame; Dates Not Final)

April 19, 2019: Proposal submission deadline for event in Lyon.

June 17-20, 2019: Event in Lyon. (General Time Frame; Dates Not Final)