Travel information

The conference will be held at: 
Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen, 
University of Applied Sciences 
Faculty of Education and Teacher Education
Mansholtlaan 18, Wageningen
The Netherlands


  1. Arrive at Schiphol airport (Amsterdam)
  2. Take the intercity train to Ede-Wageningen (departs every 30 minutes), takes about 65 minutes.
  3. At the Ede-Wageningen train station, take the bus (#88 or #84) to the Aeres Hogeschool Wageningen (bus stop: “Campus/Atlas”)


From Dutch airports to Wageningen

The easiest way to travel from any of the Dutch airports listed below to Wageningen is by train (Train Station: Ede-Wageningen):

  • Schiphol airport (Amsterdam) (AMS)
  • Eindhoven airport (EIN)
  • Rotterdam airport (RTM)
  • Maastricht airport (MST)

If you are in a group, you can also travel by taxi.

From Schiphol Airport to Wageningen by train

Most international visitors arrive at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). First, you pass through Immigration. Before collecting your luggage, it is advisable to change your foreign currency into Euros at one of the banks (grenswisselkantoren). These can be used to exchange your currency. The banks at Schiphol Airport are open every day, even on Sundays.

After collecting your luggage and (if applicable) exchanging money, pass through Customs, enter Arrivals and follow the signs from Schiphol Arrival Hall to the Railway Station: “to the trains”. At the train station you can purchase a second-class single ticket to Ede-Wageningen from one of the yellow vending machines, or at the NS Service Desk. The ticket will cost you approx. 17 Euros. There are about 2 trains per hour from Schiphol Airport to Ede-Wageningen.

“…If, for some reason, you cannot buy a train ticket at the ticket office or ticket machine, inform the train guard before you get on the train! The guard will sell you the ticket in the train but at a much higher price than at the ticket office or ticket machine. The train ticket will then cost you 30 euros more!…”

Frank de Jong

Take the intercity train in the direction of Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately 65 minutes.

You sometimes have to change trains at Utrecht station and take another train in the direction of Arnhem/Nijmegen. Your final stop is Ede-Wageningen. Travel time from Schiphol to Ede-Wageningen is approximately 60-75 minutes.

Click here for detailed train information

“…best option is to buy an ‘ov-chipcard’, especially for those who are planning to stay longer, want to travel to other Dutch cities. You can use the card for the tram, bus, NS-bicycle, etc.– you will have to charge the card with enough money!”

Frank de Jong

Example 1: Direct train/bus trip from Schiphol Airport to Aeres Hogeschool:

Example 2: Train/bus trip from Schiphol Airport to Aeres Hogeschool (changing trains at Utrecht Centraal)

From Schiphol Airport to Wageningen by taxi:

“…If travelling on a group (3-4 or 5-8 people), you can consider taking a taxi all the way from Schipol Airport to Wageningen. You need to make a reservation at least 24 hours in advanced.
For example, a one way Taxi for 3-4 people is aprox. Euro 89,00; and a one way Shuttle for 5-8 people Euro 130,00…”

Frank de Jong

From Düsseldorf (Germany) Airport to Wageningen by train



If you are coming from Düsseldorf airport, you can take the train. There are 2 trains per hour. Price is aprox. Euro 33,20 in 2nd Class, and Euro 53,40 in first class. It takes aprox. 2 hours. 

Example: Train from Düsseldorf to Ede-Wageningen

From Ede-Wageningen train station to Aeres Wageningen University building:

By Bus:
The buses are located at the North Side of the train station.
Take bus No. 88, or 84 to Wageningen. Your stop: “Campus/Atlas”
Duration: 12 minutes
Estimated price: 4 to 6 Euros (you can buy tickets at the bus or use your OV-chipcard).
Frequency: Every 15 minutes
Ask the bus driver to let you know when you get to your destination!
Note: when using your OV-chipcard, check in when entering the bus and check out in the bus when leaving.

For more information, go to this website

By Taxi
Please note that taxis are expensive. A taxi from Ede-Wageningen railway station to Wageningen will cost you approx. 30-37 Euros; the bus will cost you approx. 3,50 Euros. Taxis are located at the north end of the Ede-Wageningen train station. Taxi company recommended by Frank:  tel +31(0)6-8761 7837

Please note: Prices and schedules might change during the Summer time. This information is for your reference only.

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