Apr 242009

link to videoIn 2002 Dr. Marlene Scardamalia received the University of Toronto Presidents’ Chair in Education & Knowledge Technologies. To mark this important event, she was invited to give a talk on “Education and knowledge technology: Which way Continue reading »

Apr 222009

adaptationThe starting point for knowledge-building in Knowledge Forum is a view. Figure 4.1 shows a view co-constructed by a Grade 1 teacher, her students, and a teacher-researcher to launch a year-long study of the topics that provincial guidelines specified for Grade 1 science. A view may contain notes or pointers to other views.

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Apr 062009

Dino ButtonThis is a link to a slide show showing a Grade 1 Knowledge Forum Database. The topic was dinosaurs and it shows the basic use of Knowledge Forum -how to create a view, how to create a note, how to do a build-on, and many other functions.

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