May 072012

Authors: Alexander McAuley & Stian Håklev

In terms of the range both of available tools and the extent of the networks on which they run, digital supports for knowledge creation have evolved hugely since the late 1980s when CSILE first made its appearance as a groundbreaking tool for collaborative learning. Both the CSILE platform and the conceptual “intentional learning” framework on which it was based have progressed through several iterations to become the current Knowledge Forum platform and Knowledge Building Principles. Moreover, numerous studies have informed this progression and have demonstrated the potential for knowledge building in numerous contexts. On the other hand, however, despite their demonstrated benefits and the currency of the “knowledge building” meme in educational discourse, neither the Knowledge Forum technology nor the knowledge building principles have achieved their due in terms of depth or breadth of impact in the mainstream educational context. This paper begins with the “walled garden” nature of Knowledge Forum, contrasts it with the open nature of current online initiatives, and suggests possible directions for future development.
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