Apr 112012

This is an example from a grad course on Biomedical Communications taught by Dr. Leila Lax, at the University of Toronto.


The students are presented with a legal case. Their challenge, is to create the visualizations that will be used in a courtroom. The teacher has created several notes with the course description, schedule, assignments, etc. And she has created one view for each of the legal cases they will be working on.

She selects the “Potter v. Korn” case

now you are in that view. There is only one note.

The note explains the legal case with your assignment.


The students goes to draw some sketches and when she feels she has a good draft, she scans it, and copies her picture into the background of the view.

she adds a note explaining this is her first sketch

One of her classmates reads her note, and looks at her sketch, and creates a “Build On” note. The “Theory Building” scaffold is changed to support medical clarification (scaffolds are customizable), and she proceeds to write her note using the “Constructive Criticism” scaffolds.

She copies part of the sketch into the note and makes marks to explain what she is talking about in her note.

Now, the note is created and goes into the view.

Other students comment on her work, as well as a medical doctor who is an expert in this area.

after reading all the notes and doing more work on the sketch, she creates a “Rise Above” note.

and copies an updated more final picture of her work on the view.

all the students follow the same procedure in each of their assignments….

and at the end, the teacher creates this view, that contains a summary of the process of the work for each case.