Apr 222009

Healthcare buttonThis is a slideshow showing the use of knowledge building in a healthcare environment.

This example will show you continual improvement in implementation and evaluation of best practice guidelines pushing the healthcare community to move beyond best practice.

“…Figure 4 shows a Knowledge Forum view used by a mutidisciplinary health-care team in a rehabilitation institute (see “Interprofessional Knowledge Building in Health Care,” Chapter 6). Here the view serves not only to organize contributed reports about patients but serves to organize the team’s actual pain management-the view representing, in effect, a treatment model. Interview and database analysis research indicated that use of Knowledge Forum in this context not only helped coordinate action and information sharing but resulted in progress toward higher-level conceptualization of pain management (Russell, 2002)…” fromĀ  Scardamalia, M. (2003). Knowledge Forum (Advances in CSILE). Journal of Distance Education, 17 (Suppl. 3, Learning Technology Innovation in Canada), 23-28.

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