Aug 182009

KBP buttonVideo clip of students and teachers from Barcelona, from the COMconeixer project, explaining their understanding of the Knowledge Building Principle “Symmetric Knowledge Advancement”. (Original source: 2006- DVD- COMconèixer- An International experience of knowledge building. Learning how to build together our knowledge.) For more information go to:

this is the transcript of the video:

Student 1: Teaching is learning twice, that is to say that we can learn when teaching. And if we share out knowledge we will get a double learning.

Student 2: All of them have been learning at the same time how to solve the problem.

Student 3: We have an idea and we have to share it with the rest and, by doing this, all of us will have the same knowledge.

Student 4: Knowledge never ends, when we look for ideas and conclusions a new door opens and allow us to continue, we’ll never arrive till the end.

Teacher -Damià Perpiña- CEIP Pau Romeva: We can talk about identical advance, that took place from the first year, we advanced in the same way, both pupils and I, because I mean that all of us were learning to deal with the Knowledge Forum, the COMconèixer, at the same time.

Teacher – Olga Mata- IES Les Corts: The working was, do investigations in different subjects, do investigations in different subjects, and before that do a little bit of review, of reflection, about what principle we were working in each case. And it worked, it was good to see that we were applying all of them. It was amazing.