Aug 182009

KBP buttonVideo clip of students and teachers from Barcelona, from the COMconeixer project, explaining their understanding of the Knowledge Building Principle “Pervasive Knowledge Building”. (Original source: 2006- DVD- COMconèixer- An International experience of knowledge building. Learning how to build together our knowledge.) For more information go to:

This is the video transcript:

KB Principle: The ubiquity when creating knowledge (Pervasive Knowledge Building?)

Student 1: There where you are, you can learn. It doesn’t matter if you are at school or outside.


Teacher: At the beginning we thought that if they didn’t have an individual access but in group, this could make the group work easier, but it hasn’t been like this, they’ve continued working in group… but the fact of having an individual access has allowed them to enter from home, entering… participating also with the parents, it has given them freedom and has encouraged them to participate and contribute, but… besides there has also been a time for group work…