Aug 182009

KBP buttonVideo clip of students and teachers from Barcelona, from the COMconeixer project, explaining their understanding of the Knowledge Building Principle “Idea Diversity”. (Original source: 2006- DVD- COMconèixer- An International experience of knowledge building. Learning how to build together our knowledge.) For more information go to:

This is the transcript of the video:

Student 1: That there are a lot of ideas, and the more ideas the more knowledge there is.

Student 2: Everybody has the right to see them and also the right to add more, and then we make a bigger knowledge.

Student 3: Thanks to the out coming ideas they have been able to find a solution.

Student 4: That new information has to be brought up to get to the final idea with deeper knowledge.

Student 5: A community is a group of people who work on the same objective. And ours is to build knowledge about a subject, the comic.

Student 6: Then, after knowing what we know about the comics, we started to think about what else we wanted to know. We divided ourselves into groups and we asked questions: what the origin of the comic is, what types of comic there are and how they have evolved with time, which different comic creation techniques exist, what comics have that everybody reads them and if they are a fashion, and curiosities we can find in the comics world.