Aug 182009

KBP buttonVideo clip of students and teachers from Barcelona, from the COMconeixer project, explaining their understanding of the Knowledge Building Principle “Embedded and Transformative Assessment”. (Original source: 2006- DVD- COMconèixer- An International experience of knowledge building. Learning how to build together our knowledge.) For more information go to:

This is the transcript of the video:

Student 1: If we explain ideas the ones to the others they will be richer and better.

Student 2: This means that when we have a text, we cannot put it on the web and let it like that. We always have to revise it, trying to make it better, because the others will not make the same again.

Student 3: When we explained an idea we immediately evaluated it and developed it in a better idea.

Student 4: The evaluation is constant and if there is an error we have to correct it to achieve the real knowledge.

Student 5: We researched and with the help of people made interviews, so that we could know if people recycled or not, whether the people had a good behaviour in the street and tried to keep it clean and tidy, if there was acoustic pollution, we also searched about our neighbourhood or village.

Student 6: Following the hypothesis about the sustainability of our suburb, we started to do everything recycled and it was proved to be sustainable.

Student 7: The conclusion we have reached is that recycling is very important since, also for those coming to future, the environment has to be appropriate. The COMconèixer has made us change the attitude, for example when we go out to the street. If a child throws a paper in the street, before we didn’t realize so much about sustainability.