Aug 182009

KBP buttonVideo clip of students and teachers from Barcelona, from the COMconeixer project, explaining their understanding of the Knowledge Building Principle “Constructive Uses of Authoritative Sources”. (Original source: 2006- DVD- COMconèixer- An International experience of knowledge building. Learning how to build together our knowledge.) For more information go to:

This is the transcript of the video:

Student 1: Consulting different sources of information we have more ideas and more knowledge.

Student 2: You can not only learn from school, but also outside school, from newspapers, and not eerything published is true.

Student 3: When we get the authentic information we have to look in different places to check that it’s true.

Student 4: The criticism we did of the different ideas has been constructive, and not destructive.

Student 5: A very relevant subject today is the question of anorexia and bulimia. We wanted to know more about these two illnesses.

Student 6: There are questions like which treatments, which symptoms etc. With these questions we can search information and understand them.

Student 7: We take some ideas from a documentary and we shared them, these ideas helped us to revise and learn through the subject proposed.