Apr 062009

teacher button A group of teachers from ICS touch on the following questions/topics:
–  A community of Knowledge Builders
–  How has Knowledge Building changed your teaching
–  Being prepared to be surprised
–  “Where would I draw the tree’s lungs?”
–  How to build a community for Knowledge Building?
–  How does the teacher know that the children are reading each others’ ideas?
–  Teacher’s Role
–  Students take high-level responsibility
–  Continual improvement of Knowledge Building practice

Establishing a classroom-based knowledge building community. The biggest shift in the learning sciences over decades has been from a focus on individual cognitive strategies to a focus on the classroom community as a coherent knowledge-building body supportive of high-level cognitve processes (Brown & Campione, 1994; Bielaczyc & Collins, 1999; Roth, 1998; Bransford, Brown, & Cocking, 1999). The professional lore on classroom community building tends, however, to treat community as a prerequisite, to be established before new pedagogical challenges are faced. The experience in our research network suggests that knowledge building can start on day one, with an increasingly cohesive and productive community forming around it. This video drives home this message, along with suggestions and models of how to implement it.

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