Aug 172009

Mayuran buttonVideo of Rose Avenue Elementary School student talking about how him and his classmates use the Knowledge Building Principles to analyse the Tomorrow’s Innovators Knowledge Forum database.

Transcript of the video:

Hi, my name is Mayuran and I’ll be talking about how we used the principles to analyzed the students. When first time Chew Lee came up to us and gave us some notes that the students wrote. We read them and we looked at their view. We saw, I saw that they had pervasive knowledge building happening. I saw that the students were all sharing their ideas with each other and spreading the knowledge and also had idea diversity. They had, every single person had a different idea. And also, I saw that they were all talking back and forth. This meant that the principle of knowledge building discourse was … By doing that we use the principles and looked at how the students worked. We used the knowledge building tools and analized the students. Just like xx said, we used all five tools and analized the students and we did some theorizing on how they talked.. and I would hand this over to xxx.