Jun 012012

Author: Rosa Elena Ortiz de la Fuente

In this paper, we present Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla’s Preparatorias, three Senior High Schools in which Knowledge Building is a central part of the pedagogic methodology. We discuss the way this fact has impacted every day work at the schools and the adaptation process that has been faced at Prepa Ibero Puebla in order to find the best way for both the school and the students to take up Knowledge Building. Four stages of this process are described (from January 2008 to date) with focus in the continuous adaptation. Then, a general panorama of the current situation is represented in order to lay out with further detail the main achievements of the last few months as well as the most important challenges that have to be faced; these challenges are presented in three different categories: regarding the teachers, regarding the students and regarding the Institution itself. This discussion is especially important today, after the first class has graduated from both Prepa Ibero Puebla and Prepa Ibero Tlaxcala.
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