Jun 012012

Authors: Huang-Yao Hong, Ching Sing Chai, Yu-Hui Chang

This study explored effects of engaging students in a knowledge building environment assisted by Knowledge Forum (KF) on their collaborative learning processes and their perceived creative climate of that environment. Participants were 30 teacher-education students who took a university course in which knowledge building theory and KF technology was integrally employed to foster a knowledge building environment. The main data sources came from: (1) student online discourse recorded in a KF database; (2) a modified Creative Climate Questionnaire (CCQ), and (3) course evaluation administered at the end of the course. Findings indicate that students were highly interactive and collaborative in working with knowledge in KF. Further, the CCQ results indicate that the participants tended to perceive the climate of the knowledge building environment they were engaged as highly supportive for knowledge creation. Additional evidence based on course evaluation ratings also showed a significant preference for the present course operated under knowledge-building pedagogy over other courses offered in a more traditional way of instruction. Implications for designing effective knowledge building environments are discussed.
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