Jun 012012

Author: Pirita Satu Seitamaa-Hakkarainen

The general aim of the present study was to provide insights into how experts might infuse disciplinary expertise into D&T classrooms and how they might construct authenticity based on professional design practices. We describe elementary students’ collaborative lamp designing process, where the leadership was provided by a professional designer. The present study explored how the design world was reproduced within the classroom, and what was the role of social and material scaffolds in implementing the authentic practices of professional designing. The 17 video recorded lessons of lamp designing and the Lamp Designing view of the project’s database constituted the data sources of the study. The results indicate that the collaborative production of the design world within the classroom promoted the creation of an authentic and meaningful design learning process. The diverse social and material scaffolds that the designer provided had a significant role in supporting the students’ idea generation and sharing of their knowledge.
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