Jun 012012

Author: Kai Hakkarainen

The purpose of the present article is to examine collective creativity regarding academic research from the activity-theoretical and socio-cultural perspectives. The authors argue that collective creativity regarding academic research relies on collaboratively cultivated academic knowledge practices, appropriation of which provides an access to cognitive-cultural operating systems of academic research (i.e., a disciplinary-specific activity system). Pursuit of doctoral studies in a research community appears to elicit the development of object-oriented interagency needed for systematic pursuit of coordinated research efforts. The growth of participants’ capabilities of independent research appears to take place through improvisational pursuit of inquiries and associated co-authored articles involving gradually stronger creative personal contribution. The collective intelligence of academic research is embedded in expansive or cultural learning of research communities and networks that super-charge the subsequent doctoral-student cohorts’ knowledge practices in a way that elicits academic excellence.
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