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Jun 192012

“…Knowledge building, as elaborated in this chapter, represents an attempt to refashion education in a fundamental way, so that it becomes a coherent effort to initiate students into a knowledge creating culture. Accordingly, it involves students not only developing knowledge-building competencies but also coming to see themselves and their work as part of the civilization-wide effort to advance knowledge frontiers. In this context, the Internet becomes more than a desktop library and a rapid mail-delivery system. It becomes the first realistic means for students to connect with civilization-wide knowledge building and to make their classroom work a part of it…”

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Jun 192012



How do you begin a KB inquiry?How do you assess collective understanding? How do you pinpoint the improvement of the understanding in the community?How do you assess the ideas in Knowledge Forum?How can you stimulate a powerful knowledge building discourse with young students?What were the barriers that you had to overcome to become a knowledge building teacher? ¬†What are the challenges that you still face now? Continue reading »

Apr 242009

link to videoIn 2002 Dr. Marlene Scardamalia received the University of Toronto Presidents’ Chair in Education & Knowledge Technologies. To mark this important event, she was invited to give a talk on “Education and knowledge technology: Which way Continue reading »