Jun 192012



How do you begin a KB inquiry?How do you assess collective understanding? How do you pinpoint the improvement of the understanding in the community?How do you assess the ideas in Knowledge Forum?How can you stimulate a powerful knowledge building discourse with young students?What were the barriers that you had to overcome to become a knowledge building teacher?  What are the challenges that you still face now? Continue reading »

Jun 012012

Authors: Oscar E. Hernández López, Angela Alejandra Durana Espinosa, & Adriana Villanueva Cruz

This paper presents the first part of the research realized in kindergarten which consists on the third degree children realizing investigations according to the Knowledge Building pedagogy with special emphasis in four of the 12 principles: Real Ideas-Authentic Problems; Idea Diversity; Pervasive Knowledge Building and Democratization of Knowledge. Continue reading »

Feb 292012

On February 23rd, 2012, Professor Yibing Zhang, Department of Technology, Nanjing Normal University, and the Nanjing Elementary School of Baiyunyuan, represented by their Superintendent, Principal Yanqin Zhu, and teachers, Liu Jun, Miao Wenjin, & Liu Yao, organized a series of seminars during the visit of Dr. Marlene Scardamalia & Dr. Carl Bereiter to their school.