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Jun 192012

“…Knowledge building, as elaborated in this chapter, represents an attempt to refashion education in a fundamental way, so that it becomes a coherent effort to initiate students into a knowledge creating culture. Accordingly, it involves students not only developing knowledge-building competencies but also coming to see themselves and their work as part of the civilization-wide effort to advance knowledge frontiers. In this context, the Internet becomes more than a desktop library and a rapid mail-delivery system. It becomes the first realistic means for students to connect with civilization-wide knowledge building and to make their classroom work a part of it…”

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Jun 192012



How do you begin a KB inquiry?How do you assess collective understanding? How do you pinpoint the improvement of the understanding in the community?How do you assess the ideas in Knowledge Forum?How can you stimulate a powerful knowledge building discourse with young students?What were the barriers that you had to overcome to become a knowledge building teacher?  What are the challenges that you still face now? Continue reading »

Jun 012012

Author: Fernando Díaz del Castillo

Students in various courses worked with KF and KB, and we are particularly proud of the advances made by seventh graders in Biology class. They studied in-vitro fertilization. We attempted to find differences between two groups of students: one of the groups followed a traditional methodology, where the teacher guided the activities and lectured about the topic (control group). Continue reading »

Jun 012012

Authors: Jonathan Tepper

A true Knowledge Building environment needs to be open and flexible so users can freely discuss with each other, access information, make connections, and share content for a common purpose (Hoadley & Pea, 2001). Using technology that is open encourages adoption because it helps avoid the creepy tree-house effect (Stein, 2008) or a balkanised group think type frame-set (Stahl, 2008). Continue reading »

Jun 012012

Authors: Xunfeng Xu

To teach the subject Analysis of English Grammar, an on-line corpus tool is introduced to the students of undergraduate course for adult learners for the purpose of understanding the grammatical structure and use of English verbs in business correspondence. Continue reading »