Building Knowledge in an Open Informational World

Increased openness of information resources is creating vast opportunities for people to take charge of their own learning, to become creators rather than merely acquirers of knowledge, and to tackle goals and problems previously accessible only to experts. At the same time, however, more of the task of processing the information into usable knowledge falls to the user-- posing a whole new level of difficulty for those disadvantaged in terms of academic knowledge and skills. The corresponding challenge is to enable classrooms and other educational settings to function as models of an inclusive knowledge society--a society that takes maximum advantage of the new openness of information while at the same time promoting ways for everyone to find a valued and rewarding role.

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Co-organizers: Knowledge Building International (KBI), the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT)Technology for Advanced Collaboration Among Teachers (TACT) and Remote Networked Schools (RNS).

Pavillon La Laurentienne, Université Laval

The 18th annual Knowledge Building Summer Institute was held on August 12-15, 2014,
at the Pavillon La Laurentienne on the Laval University campus, Quebec City, Canada. 


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