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Crossing the Educational Chasm: From the Basics to Creative Work with Ideas.

The "chasm" referred to in the title of this conference is a metaphor for a condition that has serious social, economic, and personal consequences. On one side of the chasm are students whose deficiencies in basic academic skills and knowledge keep them from moving to the other side, where students have mastered the basics to a level judged sufficient for more advanced content and more challenging tasks. Although basic academic skills are of undeniable importance, the chasm itself is an artefact of educational beliefs. The key belief is that students must master the basics before they can undertake more challenging work with knowledge and ideas. Contrary to this belief is evidence that young children can work creatively with ideas -for instance, modifying ideas in the light of evidence- and that this enhances basic skills. We aim to provide powerful demonstrations and extensions of this finding and the reframing of practices and outcomes resulting from this reorientation.

The 17th annual Knowledge Building Summer Institute was held August 6-9, 2013, at the Universidad Iberoamericana, in Puebla, Mexico. The conference was co-organized by Knowledge Building International (KBI), the Institute for Knowledge Innovation and Technology (IKIT) and IKIT Mexico.


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