KSN logo The Knowledge Society Network (KSN) takes advantage of new knowledge media to maximize and democratize society's knowledge-creating capacity.

Schools, workplaces, and community and health care organizations are part of institutions, all undergoing change due to new information and communication technologies. These technologies are changing both the nature and expectations for knowledge work. It is generally accepted that computer-supported extended learning communities are required to achieve the much heralded 'knowledge society.' But despite a great deal of talk about what such a society and the new 21st-century skills it will require, there is little analysis of what it might look like or how we are to achieve its anticipated knowledge advances. What does seem clear is that there is urgent need for design experiments aimed at exploring challenges and implications. The KSN helps to define a vision of a knowledge society.

Through its Knowledge Society Network, IKIT examines theoretical, research, and implementation issues surrounding knowledge building. It hosts Virtual Meetings (video and audio conferences, accompanied by online asynchronous discussions) and an annual Summer Institute. Over the last several years hundreds of participants representing hundreds of institutions from around the world have participated in these events.

For more information on the Knowledge Society Network "KSN", you can read "Knowledge Society Network: Toward a Dynamic, Sustained Network for Building Knowledge", by Huang-Yao Hong, Marlene Scardamalia, Jianwei Zhang.

If you would like to join the KSN, please, send a request to Susana La Rosa at

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