The rates below include a one-year Knowledge Building International (KBI) membership and are in Canadian dollars (CAD).  The Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI) is being held in conjunction with the 12th International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL), but financial arrangements are separate. Please read the important notes below.  

Knowledge Building Summer Institute (KBSI 2017) Fees

KBI Members $ 125  
KBI Students $   75  
Non-KBI Members $ 175  
Non-KBI Students $ 125  



1. THE FEES LISTED ABOVE ENTITLE YOU TO TAKE PART IN KBSI EVENTS. You can do this independently of taking part in the CSCL conference. 

2. IF IN ADDITION YOU WISH TO ATTEND CSCL EVENTS YOU MUST REGISTER SEPARATELY AND SUBMIT FEES TO THE CSCL CONFERENCE by May 15 to obtain early registration rates. Although KBSI is being held in conjunction with CSCL, fee structures for each organization are separate: KBI receives no funds from CSCL conference fees and CSCL receives no part of KBI membership/conference fees. In recognition of the heavy fee burden on those who elect to take part in both CSCL 2017 and KBSI 2017, the rates for KBSI 2017 are set to include KBI membership, with no additional fees to cover conference expenses.

3.  SPECIAL CSCL/KBSI ARRANGEMENTS. We have arranged for a limited number of KBI members to be admitted free to KBI sessions at CSCL. Please let Susana La Rosa know if you are interested in receiving a pass.


5. REDUCED RATES. A reduced rate is available for members from countries below high income country status, as classified by the World Bank. Income status can be checked at the Worldbank website. Additionally, others unable to cover costs can present a case to Susana La Rosa for review by a KBSI administrative review committee.

Contact Susana La Rosa susana.larosa[AT]utoronto.ca for detailed information on registration


June 18-22, 2017: KBSI 2017 and CSCL 2017