Membership Benefits

KBI is a membership-based association of educators working across sectors and across borders to extend the realm of the possible in education. Through partnerships we will advance Knowledge Building theory, practices and technology to meet our shared goals and to secure grants and sponsorships.

The Benefits of KBI Membership

You will be connecting with and contributing to an international team of educators— researchers, practitioners, engineers, administrators, and policy makers. In addition to networking you will have a part in demonstrating that students are capable of much more than current developmental models and educational environments allow them to demonstrate. 


Preferred rates for KBI events and services

A voice in determining the nature of KBI and the direction it will take in fulfilling its important mission

2016 is a year of critical decisions regarding a new nonprofit to complement KBI and provide conceptual and financial resources for an international collaboratory. Decisions include the relation of a new entity to KBI, membership and partnership arrangements, hiring, data bank development, data sharing protocols, licensing, creative commons, and more.  Members will be invited to virtual events, pre- and post- Singapore meetings, to review and comment on planning docs. Virtual events will be hosted in a new version of Knowledge Forum (KF6), with members enjoying priority status for new technology developments and analytic tools to advance our collective work.

A part in designing the knowledge practices, technologies, and assessments to move education to a new level and to help everyone find a positive and satisfying role in a knowledge society