Knowledge Building Environments

A Knowledge Building Environment (KBE) is any environment (virtual or otherwise) that enhances collaborative efforts to create and continually improve ideas.

That is a minimum requirement. An optimal KBE will exploit the fullest possible potential of ideas to be improved by situating them in worlds beyond the minds of their creators and compounding their values so that collective achievements exceed individual contributions. Among the characteristics of an effective KBE are supports for the formulation of knowledge problems, for preserving ideas and making them accessible as objects of inquiry, for dialogue that is democractic and favorable to idea diversity, for constructive criticism and analysis, for organizing ideas into larger wholes, and for dealing with recognized gaps and shortcomings of ideas. A local KBE gains strength by being embedded in a broader KBE: people beyond the local community pursuing the same knowledge goals. Thus, the ideal KBE is one in which the knowledge building work of a local community not only draws upon but affords some level of participation in the larger knowledge building activity of society.


kf software The most sustained effort to achieve these ideals has been the development of CSILE (Computer Supported Intentional Learning Environments) which evolved into Knowledge ForumĀ®.



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