Jun 012012

Authors: Jun Oshima, Ritsuko Oshima, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Jan van Aalst, & Carol Chan

In the classroom, the knowledge building is represented as emergent collaborative learning on ill-structured tasks. It is difficult to capture group dynamics of knowledge advancement by using our currently available methodological approaches. Continue reading »

Apr 172012

The Knowledge Building International Project (KBIP) is a knowledge building project between schools in several regions of the world including Québec, the United States, Hong Kong and Catalonia. To learn more about the KBIP project, go to:
KBIP – Knowledge Building International Project
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Apr 172012

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The aim of this project is to support the professional development of a network of teachers for knowledge building in schools through integrating online discussion in the school curriculum. Our goal is to enhance quality learning and teaching that align with current goals of Curriculum Reforms emphasizing inquiry, teamwork and lifelong learning. Continue reading »