Jun 012012

Authors: Ivan C.K. Lam & Carol K.K. Chan

This study examined the design and process of how students’ reflective assessment promoted collaborative metacognition for conceptual and epistemic changes, mediated by Knowledge Forum. The design involved knowledge-building inquiry with reflective assessment – Students wrote reflective summaries to track their initial understanding and trajectories of growth toward scientific understanding in the domain of electrochemistry. Two classes of 10th grade students in Hong Kong participated and results indicated stronger effects for the instructional class emphasizing knowledge-creation and reflective assessment compared to the Knowledge Forum class. Qualitative analyses showed how students’ reflective assessment and collaboration helped them to develop metaconceptual and epistemic awareness as they examined their own and others’ understanding. A path analysis indicated that students’ engagement on Forum predicted reflective collaboration that in turn exerted effects on their changes in conceptual understanding and epistemic beliefs. Ongoing analysis of inquiry threads highlighted collaborative knowledge-building processes that may bring about conceptual and epistemic changes.
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