Jun 012012

Authors: Hyo-Jeong So, Esther Tan, & Jennifer Tay

In this paper, we present issues and challenges for fostering collaborative knowledge building culture in the context of teaching and learning integrated humanities. Specifically, we focus on the design and enactment of one mobile learning trail that aims to foster in situ small group collaboration leveraging on the affordances of mobile device and Web 2.0 technology – an initial step to create and cultivate the culture of collaborative knowledge building. The design of the first mobile learning trail serves as a platform to acquaint students with situated collaborative learning; generating, sharing and affirming findings and solutions in problem-solving and inquiry-oriented activities. Data from the online survey show that students appreciated the authentic learning experiences where they had opportunities to apply what they learn in classroom. Academic ability and gender were not significant factors affecting students’ overall perceptions and attitudes. Further, in focus group interviews, a number of students expressed the necessity and enjoyment of working together as a group. In conclusion, we discuss some implication for fostering collaborative knowledge building culture in an initial stage and our plan for conducting future studies.
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