The 16th Annual Knowledge Building Summer Institute was a great success!
Thanks again to all our participants who made this event possible.

The Summer Institute this year was designed to develop ideas as well as concrete arrangements to advance the Building Cultural Capacity for Innovation initiative. This year we tried a different format and divided the conference into seven main themes. Each theme had a plenary session in which the "Design Challenge" was introduced, then participants broke into smaller groups, parallel sessions -papers, workshops and posters presentations- and then the group came together to talk about "Next Steps".

Below you'll find links to archive videos of the main sessions, as well as links to papers, posters and workshop abstracts.

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Welcome and Building Cultural Capacity for Innovation

    Building Cultural Capacity for Innovation is a multi-nation design research initiative to increase societal capacity for the creation of new knowledge, new solutions, and needed social advances. Its broad goal is development of students who are intellectually engaged in their own educational growth and who feel themselves part of a world-wide knowledge-creating culture, who delight in creative work with ideas and thrive on deep understanding, complexity, and idea diversity, and who do well on standard achievement measures. To achieve these objectives, Building Cultural Capacity for Innovation will establish "Hubs of Innovation" that will collaborate locally and internationally in: (a) design-based research aimed at increasingly deep levels of knowledge building and (b) a development program to create increasingly powerful open and free resources to optimize knowledge building.

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Theme 1: Intellectual Engagement and an Inclusive Knowledge Society


Theme 2: Creative, Sustained Work with Ideas


Theme 3: Knowledge Building Partnerships & Professional Development


Theme 4: Technology for Knowledge Creation -International Open Source Initiative-
Theme 5: Social Innovation and Systemic Change; Continuing Education, Credentialing, & Policy Making
Theme 6: Assessment for Knowledge Creation


Theme 7: Research Based Innovation; Sustainability and Scalability

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