2010 Knowledge Building Summer Institute: New Assessments and Environments for Knowledge Building. August 3-6, 2010 - Toronto, Canada

Network Structure Analysis Approach to Knowledge Building:
A Macroscopic View of Group Dynamics in Discourse

Jun Oshima, Ritsuko Oshima, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Jan van Aalst, & Carol Chan


In the classroom, the knowledge building is represented as emergent collaborative learning on ill-structured tasks. It is difficult to capture group dynamics of knowledge advancement by using our currently available methodological approaches. The study is aimed at developing the network structure analysis of discourse for capturing such a dynamics. We analyzed discourse from two groups of secondary school students that were engaged in different modes of collaborative learning, knowledge-sharing and knowledge-creation. The network structure analysis showed crucial differences in group dynamics between the groups: (1) students in the knowledge-creation group were more cognitively-oriented, (2) knowledge integration was found stable in the knowledge-creation group over the learning period, and (3) contribution to knowledge advancement was symmetric in the knowledge-creation group. Based on the results, authors discuss a possible integrative analysis framework of microscopic and macroscopic approaches to the assessment of knowledge building activities.
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