2010 Knowledge Building Summer Institute: New Assessments and Environments for Knowledge Building. August 3-6, 2010 - Toronto, Canada

Knowledge Connected – Trajectories of Knowledge Building
Ola Erstad & Bente Klevenberg


Even though our main interest in this paper is on trajectories in formal school activities as part of project work, we will also raise a more general discussion about broader sets of connecting knowledge between different contexts and activity systems. We believe it is important to get a better understanding of the trajectories of knowledge building along different time-scales and across different contexts. How does knowledge gained in one contexts ‘travel’ to other situations and contexts? In this paper we will limit this discussion to one project within project work in school. Our research question is framed as; how students in one class proceed in their knowledge building over time using different resources and expressing their reasoning in different ways. The main focus is on the students ‘forms of talk’ (Mercer & Wegerif, 1999) and their use of Knowledge Forum as a resource in the different phases of their project work.

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