2010 Knowledge Building Summer Institute: New Assessments and Environments for Knowledge Building. August 3-6, 2010 - Toronto, Canada

The 2010 Knowledge Building Summer Institute was a great success!
Thanks to all the knowledge builders who made this event possible
Full Program
Welcome movie - Susana La Rosa
Welcome reception at the Duke of York

New Assessments and Environments for Knowledge Building: Design Challenges
Marlene Scardamalia
How to Make Good Knowledge-Building Discourse Better
Carl Bereiter
Sustaining Knowledge Building: A Longitudinal Look at an Elementary School Experience.
Jianwei Zhang, Chew Lee Teo, Bev Caswell, Chriss Bogert, Richard Messina, Elizabeth Morley & Ben Peebles
Levels of Intellectual Development in Canadian Schools, Impact of Student Involvement, and Future Directions for Continuous Feedback for Students and Teachers.
Robert Kennedy, Penny Milton

The Recommend Button: An Experimental Support for the Identification of Valuable Ideas in a Knowledge Building Community (#01)
Jim Hewitt & Clare Brett
Knowledge Building for Web 2.5: Making the transition to a networked world (#02)
Alexander McAuley & Stian Håklev
Fostering Collaborative Knowledge Building Culture: Initial Experiences in the Context of Mobile Learning (#03)
Hyo-Jeong So, Esther Tan, & Jennifer Tay
Towards a Principle-Based Approach for Knowledge Creation in Teacher Professional Development (#04)
Carol K.K. Chan & Yanjie Song
Facilitating Belief Change in Teacher-Education Students through Knowledge Building (#05)
Yu-Hui Chang & Huang-Yao Hong
Preservice Teachers' Epistemic Beliefs and their Online Interactions in a Knowledge Building Community (#06)
Ching Sing Chai
Interagency, Collective Creativity, and Academic Knowledge Practices (#07)
Kai Hakkarainen
Enhancing the creative climate of a college course through computer-supported collaborative knowledge building (#08)
Huang-Yao Hong, Ching Sing Chai & Yu-Hui Chang
Infusing Design Expertise in Elementary Students’ Collaborative Design Process (#09)
Pirita Satu Seitamaa-Hakkarainen
New Environments and Assessments for Knowledge Building: Large Size Pharmacy Classrooms (#10)
Debra Sibbald
Going deeper one step at a time: The development of a scientific inquiry process in a high school setting (#11)
Suzanne C. De Froy & Maria Sawicki
A theory-building approach to the study of medieval history in grade four (#12)
Monica Resendes & Maria Chuy
Community Knowledge Building and Environmental Learning (#14)
John Parry
Knowledge Building as Developing Personal Wisdom in a High School English Class (#15)
Michel Ferrari, Joan Peskin, Anda Petro & Nic Weststrate
Leading in a Knowledge Society: A Teachers Journey into Medical Education (#16)
Zahra Amirali Punja
Knowledge Connected – Trajectories of Knowledge Building (#17)
Ola Erstad & Bente Klevenberg
Challenges of achievements in Knowledge Building at Prepa Ibero Puebla, the first three years (#18)
Rosa Elena Ortiz de la Fuente
Student communities of practice and the role of extra-curricular projects to embed informal learning experiences into higher education (#19)
Thomas Sporer & Hannah Dürnberger
Network Structure Analysis Approach to Knowledge Building: A Macroscopic View of Group Dynamics in Discourse (#23)
Jun Oshima, Ritsuko Oshima, Yoshiaki Matsuzawa, Jan van Aalst & Carol Chan
Scaffolding Reflective Assessment for Conceptual and Epistemic Changes Among Chemistry Students in Hong Kong (#24)
Ivan C.K. Lam & Carol K.K. Chan
An idea-centered view of representing and assessing community knowledge (#25)
Huang-Yao Hong
Beyond the Testing Paradigm: Towards New Assessment Measures in Knowledge Building Environments (#26)
Donald Neil Philip & Danielle Truswell
IRFI as a form of progressive discourse in knowledge building oriented classrooms (#27)
Thérèse Laferrière & Mary Lamon
Ways of contributing to a dialogue in science (#28)
Maria Chuy, Monica Resendes & Marlene Scardamalia
Understanding private discourse in a public online forum (#29)
Clare Brett & Jim Hewitt
Bringing Coherence to Knowledge Building Discussions (#30)
Jim Hewitt & Earl Woodruff

An Introductory Interdisciplinary Course Within and Extra-Departmental Graduate Collaborative Program that Builds on Principles of Disciplined Dialogue and Collaborative Sensemaking.
Peter Pennefather.
Assessing the Sense Community in Online Courses: Internal Consistency and Convergent Validity of the SSCC.
Vittore Perrucci, Stefano Cacciamani, Giulia Balboni, & Alessandra Coscarelli.
“Big Ideas Tool” as a New Feature of Knowledge Forum.
Bodong Chen, Maria Chuy, Monica Resendes, & Marlene Scardamalia.
Constructive Use of Information and Improvable Ideas in Knowledge Building Discourse.
Ella L.F. Fu and Carol K.K. Chan.
Exploring Use of the Knowledge Space Visualizer and Inquiry Thread Analysis for Formative Assessment of Knowledge Building.
Jan van Aalst, Li Sha, & Christopher Teplovs.
From Activity-Based to Principle-Based Approach: A Case Example of Knowledge Creation for Low-Achieving Students.
Ronald Chi-ming Ho, Bing-fai Lee, & Carol K.K. Chan.
From dialogue towards trialogue?
Ewald Nijenhuis.
Introducing Knowledge Building pedagogy in kindergarten.
Oscar E. Hernández López, Angela Alejandra Durana Espinosa, & Adriana Villanueva Cruz.
Knowledge Building Ratios. Possible new measures of knowledge building.
Donald Neil Philip & Danielle Truswell.
Large-scale multiple-level innovation using KB in remote networked schools.
Thérèse Laferrière, Stéphane Allaire, & Christine Hamel.
Looking Together at Student Work: Investigating Approaches to Formative Assessment.
Mohamed Insani, Marie Quek Li Sze, & Katerine Bielaczyc.
Providing Teacher Feedback on Knowledge Building in their Classroom.
Glenn Wagner.
Reading and writing in a KBC: correlation or independence?
Idalisa Cingolani, Christine Hamel, & Stefano Cacciamani.
Social Network Analysis Applet to Observe Shared Vocabulary Among Knowledge Forum Authors in the Remote Networked Schools Initiative.
Stéphane Allaire & Vincent Gagnon.
The use of corpus for the development of business vocabulary: knowledge building among adult learners of English.
Xunfeng Xu.
Ways for different user groups to customize the environment and to explore the within-and between-community corridors.
Jonathan Tepper.
Working Toward a Knowledge Building Institutional Culture.
Fernando Díaz del Castillo.

Design Session: Open Learning Initiative and Knowledge Forum: Toward making any web object an object of Knowledge Building (#13) -
Maria Chuy, John Rinderle, Marlene Scardamalia, Chris Teplovs, & Candance Thille.
Workshop: Getting Started with Knowledge Building and Knowledge Forum. (#20).
Kate Bielaczyc, Julia Cain, Bill de Sanctis, Fernando Díaz del Castillo, Thérèse Laferrière, Ben Peebles, Steve Swan.
Workshop: Development of Formative Assessment Tools for Knowledge Building (#21).
Jan van Aalst, Yuen Yan Chan, Carol K. K. Chan, Wing-San Wan, Chi-Fung Chan & Christopher Teplovs
Design Session: Planting the Seeds for Growth in Knowledge Building and Teacher
Transformation for Math and Science in Ontario Public Schools (#22)
Beverly Caswell, Lorraine Chiarotto, Perri Evert, Vessna Romero, Cathy Bertucci & Richard Messina

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