2008 Knowledge Building Summer Institute: Keeping Idea Improvement Alive in a Worldwide Knowledge-Building Community. August 5-8, 2008 - Toronto, Canada

The overarching question to be addressed this summer is the extent to which an international team can work productively to continually extend the limits of the possible in education. From a knowledge building perspective this requires a fundamental shift from belief- to design-mode: creative work with ideas of one’s own making as well as those of others, moving beyond teacher-driven inquiry AND student-driven inquiry to collaborative idea-driven invention. That’s what makes knowledge building knowledge building rather than learning as we’ve known it historically, or student-driven inquiry as championed in modern educational approaches.

An international team of students and teachers will come to take part in Tomorrow’s Innovators sessions, engineers will tackle challenges of next-generation knowledge visualizations (beyond knowledge sharing to knowledge advancement), and researchers will address issues such as scientific literacy and theory improvement.