Theme 1: Knowledge building for a Knowledge Society

Organizational Structure, Strictures, and Knowledge Building

Exploring a scalable mechanism for changing learning culture in an examination-oriented setting
Nancy Law, Allan Yuen, Elaine Wong & Johnnu Yuen
CITE, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China
Poster Abstract

The poster demonstrates the Peer Tutoring Project and the Assessment for Better Learning Scheme as attempts to change the learning culture of Hong Kong students in a scalable setting. Students partook in a collaborative inquiry discourse with computer-supported environment to construct knowledge and to design the most innovative ways of assessing deep learning. The research aimed at improving students’ high-order thinking and generic skills and at investigating the ways to accelerate the momentum for change of learning culture under the condition that the change can be accountable to students’ learning outcome. The study indicated that student engaged in knowledge building process engrossingly and productively, but the high reliance of teachers on the traditional assessment items failed to distinguish the difference and superiority of learning outcome from deep engagement of the new pedagogical design. Hence, it is important to bootstrap innovation in assessment in responding to the transforming pedagogical practice.